The Who..? Series

A series of interactive fiction picture books for ages 4+ that grow with the reader.  In the 'Who...?' series, rich illustrations engage younger readers while higher level language challenges older readers.

In each book the reader and Sophie solve a mystery beginning with 'who ...?'. There are multiple endings and the reader influences the direction of the story by making decisions about what to do next. The decision points offer parents and teachers a chance to discuss making choices with young.

Builds agency, curiosity, wonder, questioning, critical thinking and thoughtful decision making skills.

Who Ate The Cake?

Written by Cinta, Illustrated by Jade Fang

Sophie's birthday cake is missing.  Should you follow the crumbs or follow the footprints?

Whispers in the night garden, grumblings under the house, and clues in the toy room. Can you help Sophie solve the mystery?


Coming in 2017

Who Made The Mess?

Who Took The Teddies?


Meet The Characters


Sophie is the Reader’s friend. She loves mysteries and her ears wiggle when she gets an idea.  Her favourite words are ‘why?’ and ‘what if?

Sophie's Teddies

Greenie Beenie, Dactyl Dinosaur and Big Ted.

Can you guess who is who?

Greenie Beenie

Greenie Beenie is shy and wiggles his nose when he's excited. He taught Sophie how to wiggle her ears, 

Big Ted &

Dactyl Dinosaur

Big Ted likes hugs and is never seen without his pet Little Ted. 

Dactyl Dinosaur likes to make melodies. He says he’s the last living descendent of T-Rex.


The 'Who' series are written in the gamebook format. In a gamebook the reader is a character in the story, deciding what happens. 

At the end of each page, the reader is presented with a choice as to what to do next, and turns to the relevant page to continue reading. 

Being able to make decisions gives children a sense of control and self confidence.

Series Fast Facts

 - The target age group is ages 4 and up.

 - Each story has 6 different endings. 

 - Each storyline takes about 20 minutes to read

 - There is no right or wrong choice.  

 - Each ending solves the mystery.

 - Greenie Beenie and Big Ted were real teddies (mine!)

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