The Let's ... series

 A series of interactive fiction picture books for ages 3-5 that explores choice and chance through favourite playtime activities. In each book the reader and Sophie do an activity or play a game such as hide-and-seek. 

The reader decides what to do, then rolls a die to discover what happens, allowing parents and teacher to explore with readers how choice and chance interact. The series is a stepping stone to the Who ...? series and the role playing games (RPGs) set in Sophie’s world. 

Builds agency, observation and thoughtful decision making skills.

Available in April 2017.

Let's Play Hide-and-Seek

Available April 2017

Written by Cinta, Illustrated by Jade Fang

It’s raining again. You and Sophie play hide-and-seek with the teddies. What do you want to do - hide or seek? Where should you hide? Or where should you look?

You decide, then roll the die to find out what happens!


Coming in 2017

Let's go on a Treasure Hunt

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