Let's Play Hide-and-Seek

The classic game now an interactive picture book. For ages 3+

Let's Play Hide-and-Seek

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You're the boss in this game of


You and Sophie are playing hide-and-seek with the Teddies.

Do you want to hide, or seek?

Where? You decide.

Will the Teddies find you?

Will you find the Teddies?

Roll the dice to see!

An interactive picture book combining choice and chance. 



Meet The Characters

Greenie Beenie


You and Sophie are a wizards at hide-and-seek. Will the Teddies find you?

Dactyl Dinosaur

Dactyl Dinosaur is small and nimble. You'll have to look closely to find her!

Big Ted

This is Big Ted. Hmm...where should we look? 

Greenie Beenie

No peeking Greenie Beenie!

Meet The Creators

Who Ate The Cake? author and illustrator, Cinta and Jade, are back with another interactive fiction picture book.

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Cinta - Author

Cinta is a writer and digital content developer with over 15 years of experience working in Asia, the Americas and Europe for museums, broadcasters, newspapers and organisations such as Google. Among her notable achievements she has found a jaguar footprint in Colombia, a 65 million year old fossil in Denmark and lost a staring contest to a boxfish in Indonesia. 


Jade Fang - Illustrator

Jade Fang started doodling at a very young age and has developed great interest in drawing and painting as a child.  She has been working as an illustrator since 2010 and has worked with several publishers on children’s book projects.




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