Who Ate The Cake?

Interactive Storytelling Session


Cinta, author of Who Ate The Cake? leads participants in a lively interactive storytelling session where participants are the boss of the story!

In the session, participants are a main character in the book and decide where to explore, who to question, and more.  

Can you help Sophie solve the mystery of Who Ate The Cake?



Who Ate The Cake? is a mystery adventure picture book where readers direct the story by making choices about what to do next.

Sophie’s birthday cake is missing. Should you follow the crumbs or follow the footprints? 

Whispers in the night garden, grumblings under the house, and clues in the toy room. 

You’ll need to question, wonder and explore to help Sophie solve the mystery! Explore all 6 endings.

Along the way, the reader and Sophie meet quirky characters including Will, Greenie Beenie, Big Ted, Dactyl, and the biggest baddest Nasty of all - Sweetooth Mould.


Interactive Storytelling Session 

The storytelling session includes:
- Author introduction
- A reading of Who Ate The Cake? where the group decides what to do next.
- An activity where participants write their own ending to Who Ate The Cake? (time permitting).
- Author Q&A
- Book signing and photographs



45 - 60 minutes


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