Interactive Storytelling

Cinta, author of Who Ate The Cake? and Let's Play Hide-and-Seek leads participants in lively interactive storytelling sessions where YOU are the boss of the story!  For schools, libraries and families. 


In these lively storytelling sessions YOU are a main character and YOU direct the story!

Reading from Who Ate The Cake? author Cinta leads participants as they question wonder and explore to help Sophie solve the mystery of her missing birthday cake. Should you follow the crumbs, or footprints? You decide!

Along the way, meet quirky characters including Will, Greenie Beenie, Big Ted, Dactyl, and the biggest baddest Nasty of all - Sweetooth Mould.  Multiple readings allows participants to explore all the 6 endings.

More information on Who Ate The Cake? 

Reading from Let's Play Hide-and-Seek, author Cinta invites younger ones to play the game with Sophie and the Teddies. Participants decide whether to hide or seek, and where. Adding a chance element, participants then roll the dice to find out what happens next!

More information on Let's Play Hide-and-Seek

Each session includes

- Author introduction
- Multiple readings of Who Ate The Cake? or Let's Play Hide-and-Seek.
- An activity where participants colour in or write their own ending to the story (time permitting).
- Author Q&A
- Book signing and photographs



For schools, libraries and families with children 4-7 years.  

This workshop can be combined with our Writing Interactive Fiction workshop for children aged 7-15 years old. 



45 - 60 minutes

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