The DIY Route

The DIY Route

My biggest hesitation in not going with a publisher were:

 - the technicalities of layout it out and actually printing it (I have no experience in print media)

 - managing the stock and inventory

 - being responsible for delivering the book to people who ordered it 

Mainly it was the latter two.

At the time I was travelling for a living and had already filled my spare room quota at my parents and my sister's place. I didn't have a place to store 1000 books, and I didn't want to spend my time acting as a logistics company delivering my book for the foreseeable future.

However, with DIY publishing and print on demand I could: 

 - Reduce the timeline to print because I could determine (within reason) the timeframe. For example, how quickly I wrote it and did the book design.

- Pass on the responsibility of the printing

- Pass on the responsibility of managing inventory

- Pass on the responsibility of delivering it to people who ordered it

- Plus there's hugely active communities and loads of information on the web to provide answers for every single question I had during the whole process - if you have the time and energy to find it. 

However, with DIY publishing and print on demand, I became responsible for:

 - every single decision. This can be exhausting but luckily family and friends always have an opinion :) 

 - all the costs such as illustrator fees

 - book designing (a lot harder than I thought)

 - making sure the print pdf is the correct spec

 - promote it  

More things I'm yet to find out which I'll write about in the next few weeks. 

 - how technical the print pdf is and whether I've done it correctly.

 - the quality of print on demand

 - the smoothness of the book delivery 

 - the final cost of printing and delivery, and the royalty split. 

Having said that, publisher or DIY publishing? For me it was a no brainer.

Posted on July 7, 2015 and filed under DIY Publishing.