Who Ate The Cake? now available on Amazon

Who Ate The Cake? is available on Amazon.

Written by Cinta and illustrated by Jade Fang, Who Ate The Cake? is the first in a series of picture books written in the classic 'choose your own adventure' style - with no right or wrong choice, choose from 6 different endings. 

A hardback version will be available shortly in bookstores in Australia, UK and Hong Kong.

I'm glad this book is in your hands

'Today is my 7th birthday,' says Sophie. 'But my birthday cake is missing!'

She looks around the kitchen. 

Crumbs trail to the garden. Icing sugar footprints run to the living room.

'What should we do?' Sophie asks you.

  • To follow the crumbs, turn to page 8
  • To follow the footprints, turn to page 6

Each choice takes you and Sophie on a different adventure. Explore all 6 endings!


Posted on June 24, 2015 and filed under Picture Books.