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We did it! A COLOSSAL thank you to all the backers!

We’ve reached 123% of our target with 7 days left before the campaign ends!

It’s incredibly humbling and exhilarating to have support from backers across the globe, including countries such as Germany, Ireland, Taiwan, Thailand, China, US, Singapore, Japan, UK, Canada and Australia.

To all supporters, thank you. Our journey is just beginning!

For those who are interested in supporting or know people that may be interested, it's not too late! We have 7 days left!

Posted on November 11, 2016 and filed under Picture Books.

2 weeks gone, 2 weeks to go ... and special interview with Deb Potter

It's just over two weeks since we launched! We're 46% funded with 14 days left. A big thank you to all the new backers and a continuing thank you to the existing ones. 

In our funding race against time, we're neck and neck. It's exciting, and nerve wracking, and this week, we're going to speed ahead! Please share the link with parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, teachers, librarians or friends and encourage them to support.  


For this update, we also have a special treat. We interviewed Deb Potter from Fairytale Factory - the indie publisher of the interactive fiction series You Say Which Way.

In a series of 3-8 minute audio bytes, we discuss the appeal of interactive fiction, challenges and tips for writers, morality and interactive fiction, how interactive affects decision making in real life and the business of running an indie publisher.


First up we discuss Deb's obsession with interactive fiction and the start of fairytale factory (5.03 min)

“Full confession here - I’m a geek.”

Then we discuss the appeal of interactive fiction and the challenges to writers (3.25 min)

“All of us writing for You Say Which Way … we’ve all had moments when we’ve realised writing the story has challenged us at a deeper level to think about what our deep-seated beliefs are … about how people should be, and how they should react.”

More tracks will be uploaded shortly.  Click here to listen

Posted on November 4, 2016 and filed under Author Talks.

Who Ate The Cake? launch campaign on Indiegogo is live!

3 years in the making and Who Ate The Cake?'s official launch campaign is live on Indiegogo.

Who Ate The Cake? is a picture book written in the Choose Your Own Adventure format. It encourages decision-making and curiosity in young readers by taking the reader on adventures in which they drive the story and solve the mystery.

I decide to write it for my nieces 3 years ago and what a journey that whimsical decision has taken me on.

For more of the story and the why behind the book check out the campaign page.

There's also fun perks catering to all levels of support including a colouring in book, epub version, LED canvas prints of the gorgeous illustrations from Jade Fang, table lights & more.

Very excited to see how it goes, and where the journey leads to next!

Posted on October 19, 2016 .