Upcoming Workshop: Book Distribution & Logistics:

This Thursday Sept 28th, Akiba and I are presenting part 5 of our series Publishing Your Book: A writer's guide to the publishing industry and printing process!

Distribution & Logistics:  Nobody will read your book without it!

7.30pm - 9.30pm
Thurs Sept 28th 2017
Shibuya, Tokyo

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Most people spend a lot of time on writing, crafting and making sure their printed book turns out well. But industry veterans know that fulfillment and logistics, or how you get your book from the factory to your customers, can make or break a business. Books are complex items for logistics because they have a low selling price and are usually heavy. This means that if you're not careful about logistics, shipping your book can cost more than printing it.

Co-presented with Akiba from Freaklabs, we'll discuss the pros and cons of different distribution options such as wholesalers, direct retail and online, whether or not you need distributors, how to line them up, what they look for in a vendor, and how you need to structure your margins to take distribution into account.

We'll also explore various options for fulfillment including Amazon, third party fulfillment houses, and some options that recently have become viable such as fulfillment directly from China. These decisions will affect your options for logistics, since you may need to literally get tons of books across oceans to fulfillment or distribution warehouses.

Join us for part 5 of "Publishing Your Book: Distribution and Logistics - Nobody will read your book without it!" and see why you might need to worry about pirates in Indonesia when you become a book publisher!

Hope to see you there!