Meet the Creator: Jade Fang, Illustrator

Jade Fang, the illustrator of Who Ate The Cake?  talks with us about her favourite character, the hardest scene to draw and offers some tips for illustrating characters with feeling. 

Q. What did you find interesting about the story?

I’m really fascinated by the many adventurous events that happened in the story. It gave me a lot of room to indulge in my imagination to create the visuals. On top of that I always like crime and detective fiction, so the story actually set me into the mood and let me play with clues and ideas that I could create in a “crime” scene. It’s really fun!

Q. Which character is your favourite? Why?

Greenie Beenie is my favourite. I imagined him to be a shy, scared and harmless creature/doll; someone that you want to protect and hug all the time, ha.

Q. Which scene or character was the hardest? Why? How did you overcome it?

I would say the scene where Sophie was heading to supermarket along Pepys Road and into the supermarket was challenging to me, mainly because it involved proper structure and perspective. It’s technical skill that I need to improve on and be better at. So for this scene, I just had to keep editing the drawing until the building and perspective feel right.

Q. What’s your advice for illustrating characters with feeling?

Definitely is to understand the character you are creating, sort out what characteristic or attitude you are planning for the character. Then imagine yourself to be the character, think and feel like the character so that when you start the drawing, you will consciously or unconsciously make choices in the designing stage until the character feels right in any situation.

Q. If you were an illustration or character, which would you be?

I would love to be in the cellar saving all the delicious cakes and befriending them. Hopefully they will offer me a bite whenever we play together … does that make me a monster?

Posted on March 3, 2016 and filed under Meet the Creator, Picture Books.