School Talk at Chinese International School

It's always humbling when you meet avid writers with fierce imaginations, especially when they're eight and nine years old.  

This afternoon I gave a talk to about 12 students at Chinese International School (CIS) in Hong Kong. They shared stories and comics they'd written themselves, listened keenly to ideas, asked questions and acted out concepts such as 'Show don't tell'.

We talked about where ideas come from, developing characters with depth, plot structure, editing and reading your work aloud, how words and illustrations can enhance or contradict each other, how I created Who Ate The Cake?, the publishing process and how an offset printer works. 

What surprised me the most, was how interested the kids were in the printing process and 'business' side of publishing. There were even questions like, 'Can I make money writing?'   

Watching the pure joy on their faces when they were reading, and listening to the intensity with which they told their own wild, fanciful stories reminded just how much storytelling is part of our very essence. 

Thank you to the kids and Cathy at CIS - I can't wait to come back!

Thank you also Akiba from Freaklabs for the photos.

Posted on March 18, 2016 and filed under Author Talks.