Zoot Publishing is an indie publishing house.

We're exploring new formats of printed books and games, from paper electronics to children's picture books that combining gaming and reading to boardgames with hidden technology like NFC. 

Why Print?

The electronic world has already consumed the print world. Ebooks sales now outpace printed books sales. People read more and more on electronic devices.

And for good reason - a kindle or tablet makes ebooks more convenient, lighter, cheaper and maybe even more sustainable. For reading latest news, articles, blogs, textbooks, magazines, maps, some fiction, some non fiction, it's the perfect platform. 

But when you read an ebook the platform you're reading on is standard for all the stories you read on it - whether it's a textbook or a psychological thriller.  

When you hold a printed book in your hands, the physical book becomes another character in the story world, influencing the story and our reading experience.

Is it a hardback, or can you bend the pages back over the spine, curling the book like gymnast? As you run your fingers over its cover, is it embossed or glittered? Is the paper rough and textured, glossy or matte? Does the book fit snugly in your hands or demand a table where it can lie flat and open it words and pictures to the world? Is it heavy enough that it carries the weight of a world and the worries and hopes of characters inside? 

Even in reprints, the experience of reading the same story is different because of book's physical properties are different. 

So what if it was the other way around? What if print incorporated more electronics instead?

What kind of books with character could we create and how would it influence the stories, worlds and our reading experience? 

That's what we're exploring.