Our choices create our stories. Our stories create our worlds.

So what choices are we making? What stories are we telling? What worlds are we creating for ourselves?


About Us

Zoot publishes interactive fiction picture books and role-playing game (RPG) books for young readers, parents and teachers to explore these ideas. We create boardgames and card games that meaningfully combine technology and paper without adding extra screens, and develop open source gaming platforms to enhance interactive storytelling performances. We also conduct workshops exploring storytelling and electronics, printing and publishing. 

We create books and games:

- with strong girl protagonists that appeal to boys as well
- that include characters from different cultures, nationalities and religions
- that combine screenless technology with print
- that explore new formats of printed books and games for ages 3-7.

Our books, games and workshops build:

- awareness of choice
- agency and independence
- wonder and curiosity
- observation, questioning and critical thinking
- empathy and inclusiveness

We make community contributions through:

- interactive storytellings & workshops with schools, libraries & literacy organisations
- dialogue and action with industry peers to increase diversity in picture books and reduce industry waste
- ‘Pass it On’ programme to encourage readers to give books they’ve read to others
- author and publisher mentorships and collaborations

Our manufacturing & business operations:

- Take responsibility for the environmental and social impact of our products and business
- Develop for the product’s full lifecycle
- Create supply chain transparency
- Use responsibly source materials (FSC certified paper, inks)
- Limit print runs and encourage readers to ‘Pass It On’ to reduce landfill
- Work with partners with same values
- Support women entrepreneurs & manufacturers


The Team

Zoot Publishing is run by Jacinta Plucinski and Chris 'Akiba' Wang.

Jacinta Plucinski

Born in Australia, Jacinta is a writer, content developer and producer with over 15 years of experience working in Asia, the Americas and Europe.

Jacinta has been the lead online and mobile producer for Discovery Networks International (Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery Travel and Living) in Asia, worked freelance producing interactive audio guides for museums in the Middle East, interviewed business leaders across Asia, Europe and North America for South China Morning Post newspaper in Hong Kong and is one of the founders of Tokyo Hackerspace in Tokyo.  She has run events and exhibitions about games for Australia Centre for Moving Image (ACMI), and produced music and animations for Australia's Special Broadcasting Service (SBS).  She is also the Associate Partner and a writer/editor/producer for Be Movement

Among her notable achievements she has found a jaguar footprint in Colombia, a 65 million year old fossil in Denmark and lost a staring contest to a boxfish in Indonesia.  

Today, she moves between Australia, Hong Kong and Hackerfarm (Kamogawa, Chiba, Japan).

Chris 'Akiba' Wang

Akiba is a product designer and manufacturing consultant. He teaches manufacturing to MIT Media Lab design students and manufactures his own designs in Shenzhen, China.

He is one of the founders of Tokyo Hackerspace, helped start Mothership Hackermoms in Oakland, and HackerFarm in Japan.

He's also helping to start a hackerspace in Dharmsala, India, has been a design consultant to UNESCO, Google, and the International Atomic Energy Agency, and was formerly a researcher at Keio University's Sensor Network Lab and Osaka University's Nanotechnology Lab.

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